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Mineral Hydrating Mist

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Boost Hydration and Radiance

Soothe your skin with a gentle cloud of moisture. NessFeli Mineral Hydrating Mist is the ideal delivery system for nourishing ingredients like seaweed, arnica flower, and trace minerals. Designed to balance skin as it hydrates, it’s a quick and easy way to add hydration at any time of the day. It’ll brighten and wake up your skin in an instant!

Our Mineral Hydrating Mist works well with all skin types, serving as the perfect hydrating solution and the ultimate skincare product. The soothing, calming effect of our Mineral Hydrating Mist makes it ideal even for sensitive skin types.

Use It On the Go

Our Mineral Hydrating Mist absorbs into the skin quickly and makes it easy to apply over makeup or other moisturizers. You can use this hydrating mist to prime your skin for makeup, set your makeup, or just spritz onto bare skin for a dose of hydration.

Perfect for dry, sensitive, or normal skin, this spray is great when you just need a touch of extra hydration. Use it whenever your skin is feeling dry throughout the day or when you feel like your complexion could use a special boost.

What’s Inside – Beneficial, Skin-Nourishing Ingredients

With carefully-selected natural ingredients, our Mineral Hydrating Mist is supercharged with botanicals and trace minerals for a healthy complexion. Because the sea contains some of the most nutrient-dense plant life, we added organic seaweed extract and algae extract.

Witch hazel tones and balances the skin while glycerin helps your skin retain moisture for a beautiful glow. In addition to the botanical ingredients, we added a touch of sea salt for a PH-balanced mineral spray that nourishes and hydrates.

Key Ingredients

Witch Hazel

Mineral-Rich Sea Salt

Organic Seaweed Extract

Arnica Flower Extract

Algae Extract

Alfalfa Extract


Close eyes and spray mist directly over the face as needed.