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Acai Citrus Cleansing Creme

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A good daily skin cleanser is a crucial part of any skincare routine. The Acai Citrus Cleansing Crème from NessFeli Natural Skincare does the most! Not only does it get rid of your skin’s daily accumulation of dirt and debris, but it also helps you fight against environmental aggression. Because it’s rich in antioxidants, it’s the perfect natural way to keep your skin looking youthful for as long as possible.

Botanical Ingredients with a Powerful Impact 

Just like with all our skincare products, you can expect anything with the NessFeli name attached to it to be derived from the highest quality natural ingredients!

This face wash is derived from acai and cranberry, two superfoods that are known for being packed full of antioxidants! Not only are cranberries high in vitamin C but they also contain lots of E which is great for hydrating dry skin. They help your skin stay elastic while slowing down the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation that come from the sun. When you combine this with acai’s ability to keep your skin soft and supple thanks to fatty acids, you have the ultimate cleanser for aging skin! Fatty acids also fight the dull appearance that older skin tends to take on and help hydrate your skin.

Vitamin C is abundant in this cleanser also due to the presence of raspberry and citrus extracts. These fantastic sources of vitamin C help prevent sun damage. Because raspberries are yet another source of antioxidants, they can also help slow down the signs of aging that may show up on your face sooner than you’d like. Raspberries are also natural anti-inflammatories. 


Whenever you apply your skincare, you want to start with clean hands. Wet your hands, face, and décolleté to prep your skin. Gently massage the product into your face using a sweeping motion. As you massage the product on your décolleté and neck, make sure you move your hands in an upward motion. Wash away the cleanser using warm water and pat your skin dry. 

This is the perfect daily skin cleanser to use each night to wash away the day’s pollution. It’s even great for makeup removal. If you also cleanse your face at the beginning of the day, you can reach for the Acai Citrus Cleansing Créme to start your morning right! 

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