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Basil and Lime Face Wash

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A Face Wash That Cleans But Doesn’t Strip

If you’ve been on the hunt for a daily face wash that’s lightweight and refreshing, you’ll love the Basil and Lime Face Wash from NessFeli Natural Skincare. This cleanser harnesses the power of citrus, basil, rosemary, and other natural ingredients to leave your skin looking and feeling great. It also won’t leave any annoying greasy residue behind.

When it comes to face washes, you never want something that leaves your face feeling rubbery. That squeaky-clean feeling means it’s stripped your skin of some of its natural oils that are good for your skin. While the Bail and Lime Face Wash effectively cleans your face with its mildly foamy formula, it won’t strip the skin. It’s also perfectly pH balanced. This face wash keeps all the good stuff in your skin while getting rid of dirt, debris, and other impurities you don’t want.

Green Ingredients Your Skin Loves

This face wash is packed with quality green ingredients that are great for your skin. Basil is fantastic at cleansing. It helps unclog your pores and remove all impurities that your skin has accumulated during the day. It can also be moisturizing which makes this natural face wash a great choice for dry skin!

Lime smells great, but the benefits don’t end there. This citrus fruit is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. It can help spur on collagen production to keep your skin looking elastic and youthful.

There are plenty of other great natural ingredients in this daily face wash. Rosemary, witch hazel, and white willow bark are all great at reducing inflammation. Witch hazel also helps reduce oil and fight acne.


With wet hands, gently massage this product into your skin using sweeping motions. Whatever goes on your face should also go on your neck and décolleté. This Basil and Lime Face Wash is no exception! For best results, make sure you wash off the cleanser using warm water. This is the perfect option for a daily skincare that can be used during the day and/or night.

While this natural face wash leaves the skin clean and free of contaminants, one of its greatest benefits is simply the way that it feels. It’s cool and refreshing! The scent alone has instantly soothing results.

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